Remanufactured Heavy Hydraulics

At PSS, we specialise in remanufacturing, repairing and reverse engineering heavy hydraulic cylinders, rams, pistons, pumps and motors. We can even manufacture entirely new systems.

In addition to our work with road and military vehicles, we create solutions which quickly ensure cranes, off-highway vehicles, material handling and industrial hydraulics continue to deliver years of dependable use.

Cranes & Industrial Hydraulics

Cranes, lifts and other industrial applications, rely on heavy hydraulics to quickly and safely move materials and heavy loads. Failure is dangerous and costly.

At PSS, we carefully return heavy hydraulic components to as-new or better condition in a clean environment with the latest facilities and expertise. Unique in our sector, we have the capacity to repair, remanufacture and reverse engineer hydraulic cylinders up to 10 metres long – unextended!

Off-Highway Vehicles

Every day, hundreds-of-thousands of off-highway vehicles in the UK rely on hydraulic systems (including steering) to perform their duties.

At PSS, we can remanufacture associated steering or hydraulic components for off-highway vehicles including:

  • Cranes
  • Earth movers
  • Excavators
  • Forklifts
  • Telehandlers/Teleporters
  • Cherry pickers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Tractors/Agricultural
  • Refuse vehicles

With our modern techniques and facilities, we can often remanufacture used units to deliver better than new performance.

Engineering Partners

With over 45 years’ experience, we’ve gained a reputation for working alongside our valued customers to help them overcome challenges.

Many hydraulic systems are highly complex; requiring superior skills to maintain and repair them. New applications for existing hydraulics often require innovative modifications or improvements. At PSS, we have the facilities, capacity and know-how to work with you to quickly create the perfect solution.

As well as repairing, remanufacturing and modifying existing heavy hydraulics, we can also design and manufacture brand new systems to meet your exacting requirements.


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