PSS Begin OE Manufacturing Routemaster Bus Steering Ram

PSS routemaster bus


Hello London!

PSS is excited to announce its collaboration with Imperial Engineering to manufacture new steering rams for the iconic Routemaster bus.

These brand new steering rams will be produced to OE specifications and held in stock by Imperial Engineering. Together with PSS, we will help keep these quintessentially British vehicles moving for a new generation.

There is strong historical significance for PSS manufacturing components for these vintage double-decker buses. In 1971, just as PSS became established, founder Tony Pratt started remanufacturing steering components for the then active fleet of Routemasters. Over 45 years later, the company has come full circle, ensuring these ‘London’ buses continue to run safely and smoothly for years to come.

The front-engine red buses were designed by London Transport and built by the Associated Equipment Company. The first Routemaster fleet entered service in 1956 and quickly became a household name as the preferred method of London transportation. Regular services stopped in 2005 but both the classic and new 2012 models are still in use as heritage vehicles.

In 2006, the Routemaster was voted one of Britain’s top 10 design icons alongside, the Mini and K2 red telephone box. PSS is delighted to yet again be a part of such an important British cultural icon.

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