PSS & MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) Project Partnership

During a 6 month period in the second half of 2014 PSS partnered up with MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) to define and implement new measures to “further raise the standard” and image of our Remanufacturing Division.  A dedicated project partnership has successfully removed a number of non valued added work activities, whilst at the same time improving even further both the work flow and working environment of our highly skilled technicians. This project has been part of our continuous drive to keep our pricing competitive and our products exceptional.

One of the key highlights delivered within this project include an improved material handling methodology, achieving bespoke component compartments for each of the product types in our Remanufacturing range. The assembly cells have become sectioned off from the cleaning, breakdown, rework and testing areas to provide a clean room environment during the build process. This is critical to the success of our processes and dramatically reduces any threat of particle contamination.

Modern manufacturing companies also consider the environment, and PSS is leading the way in Remanufacturing, with the introduction of plastic only material handling – from dedicated compartmentalized build kits, to the movement of materials and goods around our facility.

We look forward to working with MAS on future projects, as we are always continually seeking ways to improve the products and services we offer our customers.