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Series 600 OEM Steering Pump for Commercial Use

Designed and developed for commercial vehicle applications, the Series 600 steering pump features in trucks, lorries and off-highway vehicles in Europe, the US and around the world.

Extremely dependable and flexible, it’s long been a go-to choice for a range of vehicle applications. Created for the road, the Series 600 pump is also suitable for off-highway vehicles and marine applications. Perhaps its toughest assignment has been inclusion in all US Humvee and Stryker military vehicles.

Commercial Design, Military Tested

At PSS, we manufacture around 10,000 OE steering pumps each year for use in trucks, buses, coaches, SUVs and military vehicles. We supply manufacturers worldwide, including the USA and Europe.

Our main pump is the Series 600. As flexible as it is dependable, it can be used on all types of commercial vehicles from vans to road trains – including the iconic General Motors American school bus! The Series 600 pump is particularly suitable for any large off-highway vehicle, within the construction, mining or agricultural sectors, which utilises a steering axle or steering ram.

The compact and lightweight Series 600 is constructed from cast iron and aluminium. It’s designed to meet the interface needs of both SAE and DIN specifications, but can easily be supplied to accommodate non-standard mountings.

The pump can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise, with left or right hand discharge. To minimise costs and installation time, the rear cover can become an integral mounting bracket. The drive shaft can even be extended through the rear cover to drive further air, vacuum or hydraulic pumps – a feature unique to the Series 600.

For Original Equipment vehicle requirements, we can design and manufacture the very best power steering pumps to meet your exact specifications. Our highly skilled engineers will work closely with you to ensure seamless product integration. We guarantee ongoing availability and a first class supply package for years to come.

Steering Humvee & Stryker into Battle

Since 2004, over 200,000 Series 600 steering pumps have been supplied and fitted to every US/Canadian made Humvee and Stryker military vehicle.

The Humvee – officially AM General’s High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle – has been the US army and marines’ preferred light utility vehicle since 1984. A global icon, it’s served in every subsequent US military deployment and can be purposed for reconnaissance, evacuation, logistics, combat and any other role requiring speed and dependability.

The Stryker is an eight-wheeled armoured fighting vehicle carrying up to 9 personnel and wide range of specialised weaponry and reconnaissance equipment.

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