Steering Pumps

The steering pumps we manufacture at PSS are primarily used in military vehicles, trucks, buses, coaches and 4x4s – totalling around 20,000 units a year. We supply to vehicle manufacturers worldwide, with a significant customer base in the USA and Europe.

Our main pump is the Series 600 type but we also produce Series 200, Series 205, BB and various other design pumps.
We specialise in supplying vehicle manufacturers who produce anything from a few hundred up to thousands of vehicles a year, and we offer a range of OE and OES units.


Bus and Coach

The Series 600 PAS pump

The Series 600 power assisted steering pump is constructed in cast iron and aluminium and is extremely compact and lightweight. Modular in concept, the Series 600 is designed to meet the interface needs of both SAE and DIN specifications and can accommodate non-standard mountings with only minor modifications.


The pump can be rotated either clockwise or counter clockwise, with left or right hand discharge. To minimise installation time and reduce costs, the rear cover of the pump can become an integral mounting bracket if required, and the drive shaft can be extended through the rear cover in order to drive further air, vacuum or hydraulic pumps – a feature unique to the Series 600.
For Original Equipment vehicle requirements, we will design and manufacture the very best power steering pumps to meet your exact specifications, and our highly skilled engineers will work closely with you to ensure seamless product integration.
For your ongoing aftermarket requirements, we will guarantee ongoing availability and a first class supply package for years to come – even after service requirement batch sizes have dwindled in the later years of service life, we will make certain of ongoing availability.

PSS Power Steering Pumps are used around the world