Hydraulic Products etc

As well as steering columns, power steering pumps and remanufactured products, PSS offers a range of other newly manufactured products including hydraulic cylinders and HTL type hydraulic motors.

We also produce steering racks, engine oil and water pumps, front cover engine assemblies and associated components. While we offer a range of specialist applications for each of these products, we also have the capability to design and produce bespoke items according to your vehicle or engineering requirements. Please contact us with any requirements you may have.


We’re always adding new applications and capabilities to our range, so please call us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Top Quality Products – long service life
  • Fast turnaround – minimal downtime
  • Rod diameter to 250mm
  • Overall length up to 4 metres
  • Bores up to 800mm
  • State-of-the-art CNC machining facilities


Extensive range covered

Hydraulic Motors

As exclusive producers of High Torque Low-speed (HTL) type heavy duty hydraulic motors, our capabilities include powering off-highway equipment, large industrial machines, mining equipment, flight simulators, professional lawn mowing machines, and winches as well as many other applications. In addition, we manufacture a complementary range of safety brakes and special purpose valve assemblies.

HTL Motors Brochure
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HTL Motors Technical Handbook
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The Versatile MHA Series Motor

  • High torques at low speeds:
    Direct coupled drives to 20 Nm/Bar
    (1,000 lb ft/1,000 psi).
    Speed reducer drives to 2000 Nm/Bar
    (100,000 lb ft/1,000 psi).
  • Simple but rugged design makes for an efficient and reliable power source.
  • Very few working parts mean reduced long term maintenance costs.
  • High power-to-weight ratio.
  • Can be run in extreme environmental conditions e.g. Low/high ambient temperatures. Hazardous explosive atmospheres.Totally immersed. (Consult PSS).
  • Subject to certain performance derating, may be operated with all fire resistant fluids such as High Water Based Fluid and Phosphate Ester.
    (Special seals are required for Phosphate Ester).
  • Low rotational inertia allows fast response of speed changes.
  • Rapid response to reversals.
  • Smooth rotation down to 1 r.p.m. depending on nature of drive.
  • Operate at full stall torque without damage.
  • Extra large taper roller bearings that enable substantial radial and axial shaft loading.
  • True mechanical free-wheel.
  • Optional integral spring applied pressure released safety brake.
  • Optional flange mounted valves for load control, pressure relief and servo speed and directional control.
  • Interchangeability with other well-known makes of radial piston motor.
  • Design and manufacture of bespoke motors to customer requirements.

Many heavy duty applications use PSS products

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